Monday, April 11, 2011

The sun is been out the past few days and we in Yorkshire have been taking full advantage of it. From sitting in the sun, painting outside with the kids and gardening!

We do hope our garden will turn out well, even though not one of us is a gardener .

In anticipation for new season and Easter to arrive I can say I am looking forward to the coming season to see what is in store.

I had a amazing time in Manchester. YWAM York took part of an evangelism week in Manchester with Forever, which is a team form YWAM that is doing mission in all the cites in the U.K. where the Olympics will have a influence.This was a week that I was looking on with a bit of dread. Never having done the usual evangelism I was not looking forward to trying it.

But as we heard talks form people who shared what the root of evangelism should look like, and all the many ways it can be done it was less daunting. I pushed myself to give it a shot. I must say it was not all that bad. I was not “saving” people left and right, but I pushed myself to be more open about my faith as well as challenged by how we can live a life of being a constant presence in the lives of people and be open at all times.

One thing that came up numerous times was a realization that just being a presence and doing something kind and out of the ordinary – like handing out sweets at 9pm as saying it was because we where christens and then just chatting – not pushing our agendas at them, was a way to reach out as christens and getting to know our neighbors in a city, and the problems they face, and learning how we can help.

Manchester was not all evangelism. It was a time where I meet new people who are on a similar journey. I was privileged to meet with others who are passionate in art at all levels as a Christian. In all my conversations that week, I can say that there is a new hope to see what will come out of YWAM in the next few years in the area of the Arts!