Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I have just come back form my time in Romania. It is an enchanting country of medieval castles, fields of wild flowers and charming farms, but even with this there is a darker side. There is a prevalent sadness in the face of the Romanian people in contrast with its bright and vibrant culture, it was heart breaking. All the years of the communist abuse has left its mark in the faces of its people and scares on its landscape.
One of the days that I will never forget there was a visit to a nearby village that had one of the poorest communities of gypsies in the area. There four of the youth and I found ourselves working with a summer school. After playing some games with the kids (the ‘funky chicken’ being their favorite) we visited them in their homes. This was an experience that will never leave me. It was so heartbreaking yet hopeful - having played on a hill side with the children, and seeing the Kingdom come, as we played and sat with them like Christ when the little children came to him. They sat with us and sang and smiled up at us with such delight, you could not help but see the Kingdom in their eyes. Then we descended to visit their homes, which was a sobering act. To see soiled babes with flies all over them in mud huts. All I could do for stopping myself crying was to remember the love the children had shown us and smile back so that I could see them smile at me. In their eyes i saw Christ, more then I have ever done.
It was painful to know I could do nothing but smile my feeble grin and pray for the injustice to stop in their lives. As I found out that the European Union’s money for the integration for this community of gypsies was spent on a hotel rather than giving to these. But even in the face of this injustice there was hope, because I saw those who worked every day with this community love these children and seeing them seeking to bring the kingdom by educating and fighting for justice for this community.
With all of this and all the little things God has been teaching me it was a delight to come home and meditate on the situation. Having missed city life more than I had thought, and the news of riots in London, Birmingham and Manchester (some rioters as young as 8), was very sobering. After being inspired by how beautiful life can be if philosophy is lived out practically (from attending an opening address at a philosophy conference). I have found a reigniting of my passion to see life lived missions in a more holistic way in our cites; the need for living lives in a way that can develop our communities in a holistic and creative way that seeks the kingdom has become a even bigger cry in my soul. With this new excitement steering in me – even more after my conversations at Greenbelt a (Christian festival) my final leg of my time in my DTS has come.

In a few days I will be flying to South Africa for two months. We will be working in township with community development, in Mosal bay as well as Durban. One of the things I am looking forward to is the ability to share some of my skills in art making as a way to provide practical skills to women in these communities.

But even with this excitement there is still a big shadow looming over head as I am in a dire need to raise my funds for finishing my school as well as my time in South Africa. I am sill in need to pay off $800 in lecture fees and 1,500 in travailing fees for my time in South Africa. If you could and would be willing to help in any way please do so in prayer or by donations (through my PayPal account )

Do keep me in your prayers for finances, traveling mercies and for the challenges that come from working, living and traveling for 2 months in South Africa with YWAM.

Once again thanks you for your prayers and support