Wednesday, June 22, 2011

It's been some time since I've updated on how my time with YWAM York has been!
soo .....(sorry no picks to day :(

Life these days
We live and we learn! This is very true for my life right now. As the thrill off the new has worn off I have been able to meditate on my surroundings and have found myself becoming a bit weary. But just as that was gathering Easter broke with a resurrection of spirit! Having spent Easter with family and friend I have come back with a renewed excitement to see how I can work this life in mission out!

Here is a bit more about life in York!
The neighborhood and home
As the months have been coming and going our relationships with our neighborhood has been growing. We still have almost every day kids knocking on our door! I was told by one of the mom's over a cup of tea the other day that they even talk about us at school. It’s exiting to see that we are becoming such a part of their lives as much as they are being part of ours.
We just started cooking with the kids and we have a 10year old master backer amongst us! But do keep them in your prayers and us as we seek Gods wisdom in how to love and encourage them and their families. Also that we can have the wisdom to see what we can do to encourage and make our home a place that seeks all we can do to make it a creative home in the kingdom!
Also after doing a project working with a local organisation that seeks to meet the need in the community with the resources of the local church. We where able to meet a lady who lives quite close to our home. Meeting her was an encouragement to all of us. In the few times of chatting, she shared a few ladles of her wealth of wisdom. It sparked a renewd interest in me for what we are doing and the potential it has. This new friendship is one I hope to see grow. This was such a encouraging experiences for the fact that it felt like helping a family member and I was able to get a feel for what it looks like be the body of Christ where your needs are met by the family of Christ where your giving is receiving and your receiving is giving !

Our work at a local drop in centre has been one of my personal favourites. The relationships with some of the guests we have been forming has be exciting to see! One highlight has been that I am remembering who would like to have coffee or tea! This is especially meaningful in the case of one of the guest who has been teasing me and testing me for the past month and last week I finally remembered! He was one of the guests I was not thrilled to see because I felt he was cross with me for getting stuff wrong. Now I can say I look forward to seeing him! I look forward to spending more mornings making toasts and talking about gardening and remembering who wants : coffee or tea!

Mum's and toddlers
Recently, I have not been working to much with the mum’s and toddlers group, but others of us have been forming relationships with the kids and mom's which is exciting to see. also I have been recognising the mothers and kids out side the play group witch is exiting

New stuff
Recently I have joined the York Printmakers Workshop. This is a recently opened, Studio. I am volunteering as much as time and my schedule allows. This has and is providing a great space to get back in to art making, and hanging with other artists! This has been an answer to prayer, as I was getting discouraged on how to get the arts back in to my life and how to integrate it in to my time with YWAM.
My time spent there is also providing me with insite on how to run a print shop and seeing all the possibilities and changes in doing so. As well as opportunities to see how God can use me in the conversation in the arts! Even with this all there are some challenges as as how to distribute my time as not to make it a priority over my YWAM commitments.

Coming July 23 – August 10 we will be going to Romania. We will be mainly in the Transylvania basin and will be working with a local church there. We will be doing children’s work, working with the local gipsy community, and church plants. I am not certain what this will look like, but I am looking forward to sharing all the adventures it will bring. Do pray for us so that we will have the wisdom in preparing for this trip. Also of the youth that will be going with us on this trip, as we will be taking a few high school students with us to share in this work.

South Africa
We will be going to South Africa coming this September /November. This will be in connections with the work that last year’s team did . I am not certain what our time there will look like, but as we research and prepare for this time there is a building excitement/uncertainty. But it is all part of what God has planed and I am looking forward to it! Do keep us in your prayers for this too, as this will be a longer and more intense time for us to work, as well as working with one another. There will be some unique challenges as we will be a team of all girls. Another item that I would appreciate your prayers and possible support is that I am still in need to raise fund for this trip.

Over all prayer and support need
As I mention I would appreciate prayers in regards to wisdom for all our work and for wisdom and strength for me personally as the many challenges of working and living with people. As these are at times a personal place for growth.
I am still in need to raise a couple month of my lecture fees and am in need to raise my funds for South Africa. It is exiting to see how God as provided already through people and a generous tax-return. As such I am looking forward how God will provide!

Once again thank you for your support! And for being a part of what God is doing in York and in my life.

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