Monday, December 12, 2011

South African Adventure

I am officially a YWAMer!

I have graduated form my DTS and have finished my time with YWAM York. Since then I have had some time to reflect on my Journey with YWAM. One again I do apologise that I have not been the best at posting but in the next few days I will share some more of my adventurers with you. They may be written in a mixtures of present and past context but I will do my best and explain when and where they happens!

on reflecting on my time in South Africa I can say it was amazing! It was such a thrill to be a part of what was going on in all the many projects. It was also exiting to see a change in my self.

The amazing miracle

Adventists always need a start and this one had a bit of a chaotic one. Beginning with a fear of not being able to go to South Africa. Then a miracle happened and all my finances where covered in 24hours, 2 days before I was to leave. One thing I learned that day was: You can pray for a miracle but if you are not prepared for it to happen you will not see it as one. So when you pray you need to pack your bags too or the miracle will hurt more then help.

Me being unprepared for this overwhelming miracle was just one of the many challenges to the rocky start for our adventurer. Even with this all, many of these challenges later became the necessary catalysts to strengthen and deepen relationships.

During our time in Durban we stayed at a house that was the YWAM Durban base. It was lovely to be welcomed in to a home (even if that meant having to share it with numerous cats,100 in all!!). Our days where spent working with many ministers but the once that stuck out for me was the work we did in a township with a community development project and our evenings we spent at a rehab clinic.

after our time in Durban we moved to Muizenberg just outside of Cape Town....

Well that is it for now I will soon have some more stores about Durban and Muizenberg! Like a feast of chickens feet, our times at the rehab clinic and the lovely township of Masiphumelele!

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