Tuesday, December 13, 2011

week 1

This was written in the begging of my time in Durban :

so it has been a week now that we have been in Durban.

Some of the things we will be helping out with are a sup kitchen, work in a local town ship: mainly visiting women form the community, helping out with computer classes, and a reading club with some of the local kids.

What this relay looks like is

sup: so fare we have song some song’s, witch is a act of God beaus only 2 of us are gifted in singing. We also help serve and wash dishes as well as do some of the perching.

The work in the town ship:

Burlington is where we work. It is 20min from where we are staying. One of the guys from YWAM Durban lives in this Town ship. It is and exiting look in to south African cutler and life. In the coming weeks we will even be spending a nigh in the town ship and share a meal with some of the woman that we will be working with in the community.

This Sunday we attended to Church in Burlington. As we walked in form the dusty street we entered the small metal box room that was the church for the afternoon. As we entered we where hit with a wave of heat. The woman and children start setted to set up chaser and wiping them down. We took our seats 6 white woman and Zulu one. I could not help but feel like 'The white missionary', and it was very uncomfortable but as the music started and the Zule worship began I was given one of my first taste for it and liked it!

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